Our Vineyard and Varietals

Our Vineyard

Planted on a gentle slope in rows running North-South, the vines enjoy a full day of sun.

Our Grape Varietals

Marechal Foch

Named after Ferdinand Foch; a French Marshall of the 1st World War, it is believed to be a cross of Goldriesling and a Vitus-Riparia, Vitus-Rupestris cross. It is noted for being a cold hardy, disease resistant and early ripening. The grapes are small and subject to bird predation so in late summer we cover the crop with bird netting and if you are in the area you may hear the occasional loud burst of the bird banger. Not too early though, we don't want to upset the neighbours.

The real magic of Foch happens after harvest, the wines this grape produces are exquisite. Depending on the length of extraction the wines can range from a lighter beaujolais to a more robust burgundy.

Finally resveratrol, a stilbenoid phenolic compound noted for its health benefits is more concentrated in grapes grown in cooler coastal climates.

Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris is believed to be a mutant clone of the Pinot Noir grape. Named Pinot,  because the grape bunches tend to be cone shaped and Gris  because the grapes often appear to be a grey colour but can in fact range from a red, pink or even white shade. Grown throughout the world, time of harvest and handling of fermentation allow the winemaker to set the characteristics. DNA profiling has confirmed  that Pinot Gris is a remarkably similar profile to Pinot Noir with the colour being the major difference.


Siegerrebe is our most recent planting. Literally it means "Victory Vine" It is a cross between Madelaine Angevien and Gewurztraminer. It is noted for doing well in cooler climates, producing large bunches of grapes. Tasting Notes to Follow.